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Drystone Strategy Partners provided commercial due diligence for Ventiv Technology’s acquisition Webrisk, an RMIS (Risk Management Information System) business, from Effisoft S.A.

Business:                      Webrisk

Sector:                          Financial Services Software

Investor:                       Ventiv Technology

Investment size:          £Not Disclosed


Ventiv Technology is the world’s leading independent provider of risk technology solutions and the acquisition is a solid step in growing Ventiv’s European operations. Drystone’s discreet work in sensitive environments confirmed to Ventiv that Webrisk comes with a strong reputation, a fantastic customer base, a highly skilled team and a great product – which Ventiv were delighted to be adding to their group in Europe.


Drystone provided highly effective client diligence within a very demanding scope/timeline. This included in-depth interviews, across multiple sectors, in Ventiv’s French and other European markets – generating invaluable operational insights for the acquiring business.


The opportunity to work with Ventiv Technology resulted from Drystone’s long-established credibility in the software industry. This was extensively referenced by all parties to the transaction, prior to Drystone being selected.


Drystone have delivered projects in public sector building management software, healthcare software, e-procurement software, aviation compliance software, logistics software, construction and BIM software, travel software, hair & beauty salon management software, construction management software, automotive sector and people management software. This experience, alongside references from businesses backed by Symphony Technology Group LLC and IVC-Validus, showed that Drystone were perfectly suited to the task.



The Drystone team was led by Director Robin Illingworth. For further information, or if you are working in a similar sector, please contact us:

Robin Illingworth; +44 (0) 7725 036 155, +44 (0) 020 7307 5917 robin@Drystonestrategy.co.uk