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CPI Card Group

CPI Card Group

Drystone Strategy Partners provided commercial due diligence and strategic support for SEA Equity’s buy-out of CPI Card Group’s UK business.

CPI Card Group UK, which prior to this buy-out was a part of CPI Card Group Plc, a US firm, is the UK’s leading supplier of physical gift/loyalty cards and bespoke printing services. CPI serves many of the UK’s largest retailers – producing the cards, sleeves and often personalised letters (or even personalised cards) for both their loyalty and gift card schemes. CPI assists with both the design and manufacture of these products.


Drystone supported the deal through market expert and customer referencing and market and competitor insight, whilst identifying and making operational recommendations on future strategy, particularly through examining adjacent/ supporting offerings. Overseas markets were examined, both as an exploration of potential competition and also for examples of best-practice.


The project built upon Drystone’s retail, manufacturing and loyalty scheme sector experience, utilising a wide-ranging array of connections in these areas.


The Drystone team was led by Chris Winslet. For further information, or if you are working in a similar sector, please contact us:

Chris Winslet, +44 (0) 7595 998 331, chris@Drystonestrategy.co.uk