Drystone Strategy | Commercial and Strategic Insight
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Commercial and Strategic Insight

Acquisition and Opportunity Screening

In our considerable experience, ideal opportunities rarely present themselves in an ordered and digestible form – nor at a convenient time. Drystone thus mobilises quickly and efficiently to support businesses choosing between opportunities or competing priorities.

Drystone’s skills and capabilities are used multifariously. We assist in acquisition screening and bolt-on identification. We provide inputs to product extension or geographic expansion opportunities.  We help with self-build vs. buy decisions, assessing costs and timings.

Creative thinking on compromise solutions is as important as Drystone-generated analysis and fact. We undertake extensive desk research and (crucially) practical fieldwork. Our approach delivers current and relevant information, fuelling perspective and discussion. This can in turn highlight where internal or recency bias may be influencing strategic thinking.

Commercial Due Diligence

We have been analysing businesses and markets for 17 years. We understand that you know your sector and markets. We therefore move quickly away from the macro and the bland, and get to the fundamental drivers that impact revenue, gross margin and cash generation. With this, we assess the achievability and sensitivities of a specific business plan – and hunt for opportunity and options. Drystone simply and objectively address the key issues facing management.

Competitor and Market Mapping

Drystone have a structured and detailed approach to analysing markets and gross profit pools. Off-the-shelf market reports are often unsatisfactory and too macro focussed. Tailored analysis, with granular detail about rivals, shares, relative positions and prospects (shown by segments and verticals), is much more valuable. Breaking markets into practical segments (by product or service, price, geography, routes-to-market, client or consumer group) and understanding and interpreting their shifts over time- is vital. This approach holds the key to assessing future, present and past strategies.

Customer, Non-Customer, Supplier and Market Referencing

Extensive market conversations are a core element of Drystone’s commercial due diligence decks. Whether introduced or anonymous call programmes, the qualitative and quantitative views generated are a live and fascinating overview of relative and absolute performance, reputation and prospects. Understanding and appreciating the opportunities available from former or dormant clients, and what has brought new clients to the business, is just as valuable as understanding why core clients have been retained.

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