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Drystone works with ambitious businesses. Corporate clients, private equity firms and other institutional investors or leverage providers engage Drystone on a range of commercial transaction services. Our analytical framework includes relevant and current assessments of market size, growth, segmentation, competitor benchmarking and intent, relationship satisfaction and drivers of growth and profitability. Drystone provides a refreshingly objective approach and whilst searching for the positive and off plan opportunities, avoids the irrational optimism bias that sometimes cloud business plans.


Drystone is distinct in its approach. The individuals who scope the work and are at the kick off meeting are the individuals who carry out the work and deliver the output. Partners are actively involved throughout the project and have a combined 25 years’ experience across hundreds of projects in numerous sectors. Discretion, confidentiality, common sense and hard work have enabled Drystone to win and retain Management teams’ confidence beyond initial projects into often years of problem solving and opportunity assessment projects.


Drystone’s approach to growth, development and commercial due diligence has always been applicable to any business. Often the businesses we work with don’t fit neatly into a specific sector. Management teams are more inclined to bring the extensive general commercial experience and fresh eyes of Drystone to bear on an opportunity than they are to entrust commercial confidences to an “expert” from a larger firm who may subsequently work on projects with market rivals, or who has “cut-and -paste” solutions to sector challenges bought across from historic sector projects.

  • Drystone Strategy Partners provided commercial due diligence and strategic support for SEA Equity’s buy-out of CPI Card Group’s UK business....

  • Drystone Strategy Partners provided commercial due diligence and strategy support for NVM Private Equity’s investment in Grip UK Ltd....

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